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About K U P A


KUPA is a leading international original design company that formed with three young entrepreneurs from Germany and IT elites from China which concentrates on innovation and C&D of intelligent terminal products (software and hardware integration). Founded in 2009, the company was located in an industrial district in Shenzhen.


"The wisdom and the ever flowing life."
KUPA believes that information should be shared by people all over the world regardless of race, politics or region. This belief is reflected in KUPA's diverse and highly professional ream where the members are coming from all over the world and united by shared vision of creating value through innovative technology.


Work hard
Play hard

Product Concept:

"Advocating green and innovative technology."
KUPA has a preeminent C&D team. From the first tablet X8 to the latest ultra-short focal contact integrated machine, KUPA has encountered numerous difficulties and obstacles. But none of them could hold us back. KUPA has so great appreciation of facing every new technical difficulties that this brought the great ability of solution design for KUPA. KUPA advocating green technology and devoted to applied advanced green science and technology into daily life to promote social progress.

Company Honor:

Microsoft and Intel global core program design company;
National High-tech and software certification enterprise;
Chinese Hundreds of Overseas Students Pioneer Park-The most advanced company;
Innovation and Technology Fund Award of Nan Shan district in Shenzhen;
The most supportive units for bank and enterprise cooperation projects in Shenzhen;
The sixteenth China Venture Capital Forum "The most investment potential of Internet companies"


KUPA offered services for product system design, development, production, quality control and after-sale tracking. We commit to serve customized as software, hardware and optoelectronic integration for clients from aviation, military, financial, government, education and other industries. Up to now, we have successfully launched a few windows original handwriting tablet like X12 / X15 / V10, a system of smart flight assistant in aviation, interactive advertising integrated machine and a ultra-short focal contact integrated computer/TV.

Investment Enterprises:

KUPA has the ability to make good solution concepts with focus on attitude, professional competence, international perspective and good supply chain control capability. KUPA also attracted investment from Fortune Capital, HTI, Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee, Dacheng Fund and Grand Stone Capital. We will create more value in the future with our professional attitude, and present better products, services for the world as well.

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