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How can KUPA Note help?

Each customer is unique and that there is no one size fits all solution that will work for every situation. From getting the job done more efficiently, reducing cost, to improving communication, KUPA Note can help you work and share in following ways:

Free from the desk:

For many types of jobs, the real work is interactive with others away from desk, but at the end of day, you still have to come back to desk to use the computer for reporting and sharing. The time and energy wasted for traveling back and forth between work site and desk can be significant. KUPA Note allows you to perform many tasks remotely at your co-workers desk, out in the field, the department next door, or even in the office cross country, saving time and energy.

Integration of work flow:

Often, data is acquired at one location and then transferred at another spot. The versatility of KUPA Note with its expansive ports and networking capability allows data acquisition, processing, transferring and even analysis on the spot.

Words are not enough:

Charts, graphs, and quick sketches during a brainstorm can be the best ways to convey ideas. KUPA Note's digital stylus allows its user to express them intuitively.

Accurate interaction:

KUPA Note realizes pin-point accuracy of pointing and clicking on screen using digital stylus that is not possible with most touch screen tablets.

Reduce waste:

With KUPA Note, a lot of redundant paper usage can be eliminate by converting documents to digital formats and reducing the need for printing because the documents can be viewed and signed anywhere

Creativity unleashed:

KUPA Note's pressure level sensitive input is perfect for drawing, coloring and designing. Industries involved in photo editing and design fit perfectly within this category. Artists rejoice!

We have prepared several cases of our clients taking advantage of KUPA Note features in their business practices. Please visit the menu to the left of this screen for further details.

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